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About Us

Founded in 2001, the Day care centre Arte Tio João was created in order to counteract the lack of day care centres for newborns in the Rocinha slum at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Indeed, taking care of 4 months old children is a huge responsibility. Nevertheless, we decided to accept the challenge.
Here our children follow an educational process and our goal is for them to integrate all this knowledge and use it for life. An what knowledge are we talking about? Well, education, hygiene, love, trust, sharing, dedication, and happiness.
Our day care centre relies partially on government subsidy but mostly on donations. This donations allow us to keep doing these amazing work that is educating in a playful way.
This is our mission!
Please, feel free to visit all our website and if you have any doubt you can contact us.

Our History

The Daycare center Arte Tio João was founded by João Daniel Silverstaein, an American from Oakland, along with the Brazilian Lilia Lima (me!). As soon as we started doing research about Rocinha and its educational system, we realized that most Daycare center did not accept newborns from the age of 4 months because it is a huge responsibility. So we decided to face this challenge!
The Daycare center was founded in April 2nd, 2001 with the intention of improving the life quality of little people who will be our future! Lilia donating only love and determination and John donating all the funds to build a very well equipped nursery.

And so we began, and John helped at all until December 2006. In its first four years, our Daycare center operated in a rented building and in 2005 John bought a huge house that today houses the nursery and has a structure to make seven floors. In 2008, we obtained the Financial Agreement with the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, which supplies 70% of our daily need, but not are always in red, on the ropes, but we’ll take with much love this work is delightful CARE CHILDREN.

To really know our work, it is necessary to face the slum, climb the hill and come to the daycare center which is located at Street 2 No. 55. The street have access to cars, motorcycle, but it is really narrow. However feel free to come and see our work, our children play, have fun and be part of the betterment of mankind …

Nowadays, we take care of children between 04 months and 04 years, but currently we do not alphabetize because we do not have enough rooms. We have space but unfortunately we lack on the financial resources to build the rooms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate people for life!

The Daycare is the pillar of education. When we managed to structure someone’s childhood, we are creating a person as a whole.

Sadly, for very long time, especially in countries like Brazil, children education was put aside. Hopefully, with the scientific discovery governments now realize that it is at childhood that one’s educational base is formed.
This is our mission: contribute with the humanity future building!


Located between weilthy neighborhoods in the South of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rocinha is considered the largest “favela” (slum) in Latin Americ. It has a total area of 877,575 square meters, according to data of 1999 of the Municipal Institute Urbanism Pereira Passos (IPP – RJ).

Althougth Rocinha was classified as a neighborhood in the middle of 90’s, this did not create much improvements to the community. Rocinha inhabitantes continues to lack of basic rights – sanitation, safety, education and leasure.

According to recent estimates the Rocinha slum gathers around 160,000 inhabitants. The number of children in the community is huge, approximately 48,000 children under 06 years. Teenagers under 16 years old, elders and women represent a large number as well, and women are usually heads of families, single mothers, unemployed, and without financial resources.

Rocinha suffers from many shortcomings in the area of acute care for childre. There are only 14 day care for children under age five, which is obviously insufficient to allow all single mothers of Rocinha to go to work with the certitude that their children are being taken care of in a safe and appropriated place. It is also important to mention that Rocinha does not possess parks or any recreation area for children.

How can you help us?

Well, there are several ways to help the daycare …


Look, this is you who will decide how you want to help, what I can do is give you some tips…

You can come here to volunteer and help with the day-to-day life of the daycare center and my babies or if not, you can also donate.


Any kind of donation will be welcome !!!
Well, there are several ways to help the daycare … How?

Look, this is for you to decide how you want to help, what I can do is give you some tips…

  • You can come here to donate love to my Babies, telling stories, showering, changing diapers, so you can participate in the day-to-day care of the daycare center
  • You can donate food. Food donations for younger children and babies are always needed
  • You can donate materials from:
  • Personal hygiene of children (towels, diapers, toothbrush, shampoos, etc.)
  • Cleaning to keep the nursery very clean!
  • Construction for us to be able to complete the rooms so that we can help more children
  • School supplies (children’s tables and chairs, notebooks, sheets, pens, etc.)
  • You can also donate Swimwear and Bedding for bathing and sleeping time
  • Money to help us pay employee salaries, phone bills, electricity bills, etc.
The nursery has an online list of the materials we are currently needing: List Take a look if you want.
Wow, there are a lot of things to help, we really always need help because we can’t actually build and maintain anything alone, right?
The daycare center has a bank account to receive donations (details below), but I don’t think it’s nice for anyone to donate money without first knowing the place they are donating, so if you want to donate financially, before donating, come here and find out about the work that people do, you’ll be sure where your money is going and what it’s being used for. Accountability; I think it is really important.
I think I gave some good tips, right?
Well, feel free


Contact us


Rua 2 nº 55 – Rocinha – Rio de Janeiro / RJ

+55 (21) 2422-0782
+55 (21) 99577-9669

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