Dear Volunteer,
We are delighted that you have chosen the Creche Arte Tio João volunteer program. Each year we welcome volunteers from diferent countries. However, as you can appreciate due to the nature of our work, we have to vet each application, in order to protect our children.
Please find below the Terms & Conditions to be accepted and the Application form which each canditate needs to complete. Failure to comply with the terms and condition which are also attached will result in termination from the volunteering Project.
Thanks! Lília


The Creche is only opened term time , details will be given once a successful application has been submitted. The cost per day for volunteering at the Creche is 50 Reais, this is for a full day at the creche hours are 08:30 – 18:00 it also includes lunch which is a set menu and will be the same as what the children will eat. Should All payments have to be received on starting date & should you not complete your time here with us at the Creche this payment will not be refunded.
You will be expected to carry out the following duties, this is not an exhusted list, duties can and will be changed according to the needs of the Creche.
  • Help prepare meals for the children
  • Help feeding the children at lunchtime
  • Help with bathing and changing diapers
  • Read books to the children
  • Playing games with the children
  • Help with overall supervision of the children
  • General conversations with the children.
  • Help with cleaning the Creche once the children go home.

We do not provide accomodation however on request we can make a recommendation for a nearby hostel. Please let me know, should you require these details, however staying in the favela is a risk so please be aware that should you stay here in the favela this is at your own risk.
Please note, we do not provide visas or immgration papers.
We will provide certifications for each volunteer who successfully completes a minimum stay of one week with the Project.

By completing & submitting this application it will be assumed the terms & conditions are accepted by yourself.
We wish you a safe & fun time volunteering & look forward to your arrival. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Happy Volunteering!!
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As you can see, we need help to make the Creche even better. We would appreciate IF you could also make a donation. You can choose to do it through our website ww.iloverocinha.org.br, by Paypal or througt our bank informations