All kinds of donation are welcome!!!
And there are several ways to help the day care center… How?
Well, you decide the way you want to help, all I can do is give you some tips…

– You can come here and donate your love to my Babies, telling stories… changing diapers… bathing… anyhow, you can be part of the daily activities of the day care center.

– You can donate food. Food for toddlers and babies are always necessary.

You can also donate:
Personal hygiene items (towels, diapers, toothbrushes, soaps, etc.)
Cleaning products so we can keep the day care center always Clean!
Construction materials to expand the center and help more children
School supplies (notebooks, paper sheets, colored pens, desks for children, etc)

– You can donate bed and bath accessories for bath and nap times.

Money to help us pay salaries, phone and electricity bills, etc.

There is an online list of the things we are in need at the moment: Lista Give it a look.

Yeah, there is a ton of things you can help us with. We always need help, because you can never build and maintain anything by yourself, right? The day care center has a bank and Paypal account to receive donations (link in the left sidebar), but I believe you should get to know the place before you donate. So, if you want to help financially, feel free to come visit us and see our work. By doing so, you will be sure that your money is being well USED.

I think I gave you some nice tips, right?

So, feel free to come or ask us any questions.

Nome da Instituição: Organização Creche Arte Tio João
CNPJ: 05.052.032/0001-54
Inscrição Municipal: 317.714-9
Registro no CMAS: 700
Data de Fundação: 01 Fevereiro de 2001
Endereço: Estrada da Gávea, Rua 2 nº 55
  Rocinha – Rio de Janeiro / RJ
  Cep: 22451-261
Telefax: 55 (21) 2422-0782
Identificação Bancária: Banco do Brasil S.A
  Agência: 0598-3
  Conta Corrente: 17443-2