Located between weilthy neighborhoods in the South of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rocinha is considered the largest “favela” (slum) in Latin Americ. It has a total area of 877,575 square meters, according to data of 1999 of the Municipal Institute Urbanism Pereira Passos (IPP – RJ).

Althougth Rocinha was classified as a neighborhood in the middle of 90’s, this did not create much improvements to the community. Rocinha inhabitantes continues to lack of basic rights – sanitation, safety, education and leasure.

According to recent estimates the Rocinha slum gathers around 160,000 inhabitants. The number of children in the community is huge, approximately 48,000 children under 06 years. Teenagers under 16 years old, elders and women represent a large number as well, and women are usually heads of families, single mothers, unemployed, and without financial resources.

Rocinha suffers from many shortcomings in the area of acute care for childre. There are only 14 day care for children under age five, which is obviously insufficient to allow all single mothers of Rocinha to go to work with the certitude that their children are being taken care of in a safe and appropriated place. It is also important to mention that Rocinha does not possess parks or any recreation area for children.