The Daycare center Arte Tio João was founded by João Daniel Silverstaein, an American from Oakland, along with the Brazilian Lilia Lima (me!). As soon as we started doing research about Rocinha and its educational system, we realized that most Daycare center did not accept newborns from the age of 4 months because it is a huge responsibility. So we decided to face this challenge!

The Daycare center was founded in April 2nd, 2001 with the intention of improving the life quality of little people who will be our future! Lilia donating only love and determination and John donating all the funds to build a very well equipped nursery.

And so we began, and John helped at all until December 2006. In its first four years, our Daycare center operated in a rented building and in 2005 John bought a huge house that today houses the nursery and has a structure to make seven floors. In 2008, we obtained the Financial Agreement with the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, which supplies 70% of our daily need, but not are always in red, on the ropes, but we’ll take with much love this work is delightful CARE CHILDREN.

To really know our work, it is necessary to face the slum, climb the hill and come to the daycare center which is located at Street 2 No. 55. The street have access to cars, motorcycle, but it is really narrow. However feel free to come and see our work, our children play, have fun and be part of the betterment of mankind …

Nowadays, we take care of children between 04 months and 06 years, but currently we do not alphabetize because we do not have enough rooms. We have space but unfortunately we lack on the financial resources to build the rooms.